Genau:  The German word for “exactly” or “precisely”, used very often in conversation.  Also, our last name.

Ausländer:  The German word for foreigner.

Genauslanders:  Us!

We are an American couple in our late 20s who recently finished graduate school in Chicago and moved to Germany for a year or two of European adventures.   We started the blog to keep our family and friends informed about what we’ve been up to, and also use it to share our run-ins with the German language, culture, and people: the good, the bad and the (hopefully, occassionally) funny.


One Response to “About Us”

  1. Kendra Says:

    Everyone laugh! I just now bothered to look at this part of the blog…so I just now realized the genius of the name of the blog… All I have to say for myself is…well…nothing! I am the one who supposedly speaks German and all this while I was thinking that you just put your name together with the German for “countries” (although I didn’t know why you were using a plural and I didn’t understand the “s” on the end). My…oh my!

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