The last weekend in March, Karianne invited me to go up to Düsseldorf for the day with her and Mischa.  Her student train pass was expiring, so she wanted to get one last trip in with it, and neither of them had never been to Düsseldorf before.  I was there for a couple days last summer when Joe left, but I was more than happy to go back.  I got to take them to my favorite Japanese bakery and the mustard store/museum.  We also walked through the Mediahafen.  This is the old industrial harbor area that is being redeveloped as a “lifestyle community” or some such thing, and which has a bunch of funky modern buildings by the likes of Frank Gehry.  The weather was mild and sunny and we spent most of the day just wandering around the city.  We had lunch at a restaurant called The Swan (a word which is the same in German as in English), and I was tickled to order the special house “Swanitzel.”  Tastes like regular schnitzel, but twice as fun to say.  Here are some pictures from the outing.  The picture of me sitting in the daffodils that I’ve had as the banner for the last several weeks was also taken on this trip.